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We're closing out March and the topic of targeting with --> tools! I am such a sucker for data driven GTM. 😍

We started off the month discussing your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP),  followed by a spotlight on refining buyer personas

So hopefully now you've got a better pulse on more specific criteria or triggers that should* drive better results. And I want to help you capitalize on this new juicy intel by using tools to refine your lead lists (and your messaging). 

For could either - 

  • Send a cold email to every head of HR at a company in the US with 500-5,000 employees....OR, 

  • Refine that list further to only include people in their role 3 years, using Workday, and hiring for FP&A. 

See what I mean? Then our message can be SUPER specific and more effective. 

Yes, it takes a little more time on the front end, but if you spend 5 more hours refining your targeting and message...and then improve your conversions by 50%...I'd say the juice is worth the squeeze. 🍋

And you can do this all without breaking the bank. Leggooooo. 

Prospecting Tools 

The two prospecting tools that I consider table stakes essentials in B2B sales are LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Apollo. They allow you to build very targeted lists of potential prospects without breaking the bank. 

And I'm guessing you've heard of both but for some reason a LOT of startups I talk to aren't using them, or aren't using them effectively* to maximize the value. 

And some of you might be wondering...why do I need both? The shortest answer is that 1) there are some filters in one or the other that only exist in that product and not the other - so you have the best and broadest search capabilities if you have both, and 2) Sales Nav is the best way to filter within your own network but it doesn't give you emails - only Apollo does that. 

Luckily they play (integrate) together very nicely using Apollo's Chrome extension. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

What is it? 

It's a beefed up, paid version of LinkedIn. 

How much does it cost? 

There are 3 tiers - Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus. The first two are $99/month and $149/month respectively. I have the Advanced plan because it's required for the HubSpot integration to work + it's better for teams from a license management and billing standpoint.  

What's the hype? 

There is a whole bunch you can do with it but the two most relevant features for the current discussion are - 

#1 - Advanced Search Options, including: 

  • "Connections of" - easily filter your closest investors/partners/peers connections to identify warm intros (Example here using my friend Micah - there are 22 people with a platform title in VC that I could ask for an intro to). It is SO much easier to get warm intros if you can get super specific about WHO (name) you are looking to connect with. 

  • Other advanced search filters like - 

    • Years in current company (remember the story about the health tech company where we had more success with people 3 years into their role

    • Years experience or seniority level 

    • Former company (if we know we have success with people who formerly worked at a big 4 consulting, etc 💡

    • Recently changed jobs (people who are new* to their role are much more likely to respond to your cold or warm outreach)

    • Recent funding

    • And many more...

#2 Saved Searches 

You can either build -

  • Static lists (where you manually add/remove people or accounts) AND/OR 

  • You can save your search criteria and create a dynamic list that you can revisit to see new leads as they meet the previously defined criteria - 


What is it? 

A cheaper version of ZoomInfo (for the same or better quality data in my opinion). 

How much does it cost? 

There is a free version or paid tiers ranging from $49-99/month. Most of you likely only need the Basic plan which is only $49/month. 

What's the hype? 

It's the best lead data tool on the market when you consider cost, ease of use, and quality combined. You can run some pretty advanced searches for new* leads AND you can use their data set to enrich your existing CRM. Pretty incredible value for $49/month. 

Some of their advanced search filters include - 

  • Buyer intent (e.g. actively shopping for Automated Contract Management software) 

  • Job postings (e.g. actively hiring for X role) 

  • Keywords (e.g. SaaS, healthtech) 

  • Technologies (e.g. uses HubSpot today) 

  • Signals (e.g. cutting costs, expanding office locations, etc) 

Moral of the story

Leverage 3rd party data to more intelligently build and speak to your prospects....all for $200 or less per month. No brainer. 

Questions? Shoot them over! You've got this!! 

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With love and gratitude, 

Jess Schultz

Founder & CEO

Amplify Group